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Sex Positions To Conceive And Get Pregnant

25 November, 2018 | DD Staff
  • Sex Positions To Conceive And Get Pregnant
Image credit: Women's Health Mag

Ah, the big question. So many articles, so many images, so much imagination.

But no one is really telling you the truth. It’s all a myth.

You can use them as a guide to spice up your sex life and bring some excitement to baby making, but there is no evidence to prove that one position is better than another. There just isn’t any research to prove it.

That then technically ends this article.

But we want to stick around and drop in a few extra facts and help debunk some of those tall grandma tales. We hope your grandma wasn’t telling you any of these tales.

So here we go.

1. A woman’s orgasm is about pleasure and she doesn’t need one in order to conceive. Some experts believe that uterine contractions during an orgasm will help the sperm along, so satisfying your woman never hurt.

2. You (the man) however, will need to orgasm and we hope you see that as obvious.

3. Focus on timing because that will make a difference. Talk to your wife/partner about ovulation cycles and her fertility window. Plan your night(s) of passion accordingly.

4. Some positions may allow the tip of the penis to go deeper and closer to the cervix after penetration but there is no evidence to prove that this helps in conception.

5. No particular position is better than another in determining the sex of your baby either. The Shettles method was developed in the sixties which claimed between a 75 and 90 per cent success in gender determination but there was no convincing evidence.

6. Dudes, your sperm plays a pretty pivotal role in baby manufacturing so make sure to do what you can to bring your A-game to the boudoir. Avoid wearing those tight jeans, stop smoking, keep your cell phone as far away from your testicles as possible and definitely avoid the hot tub.

7. Gravity is a myth. Sorry, gravity is very much the force that keeps us grounded but its role in baby-making hasn’t been proven yet. Your wife/partner doesn’t need to lay on her back after sex to increase chances of success.

Looking for the Early Signs Of Pregnancy?

If you have tried for a consistent period of time with no success, consider seeing a doctor. There is no shame in infertility and it is important to get a semen analysis done and/or see an IVF specialist.

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