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The Preschool Guide to Age Appropriate Toys

08 November, 2018 | DD Staff
  • The Preschool Guide to Age Appropriate Toys

Not everyone can afford to buy their children expensive toys. If you are spending the money, it pays to understand what your child needs.

You can even guide your friends and family on the most appropriate gifts they can buy your child for birthdays and special occasions.

When buying toys for your preschooler, take a moment to understand The Different Types & Stages of Play.

Here is everything you need to know about the Preschool years of toys (Ages 4 - 5):

  1. The first year of life is about exploring, toddler-hood is about figuring out how things work. Preschoolers play with toys for their intended purpose (the way they are meant to be used).
  2. Your preschooler's play will become more physical. Walking becomes running, skipping and jumping.
  3. Your child’s imagination needs to run wild, so encourage pretend play. This is the time where little girls are princesses riding unicorns and your boy is fighting monsters and is master of his universe.
  4. Their learning abilities are also developing rapidly, so it’s a great time to expose them to educational toys that teach math and verbal skills.

The best toys you can buy for this age group (Ages 4 - 5):

  • Books
  • Basic Musical instruments
  • Outdoor toys that help them get down and dirty
  • Craft and art supplies made with safe non-toxic materials and blunt edges
  • Puzzles and basic board games
  • Blocks and construction sets (E.g. Lego, Duplo)
  • Modelling clay
  • Puppets, dress-up clothes and anything that encourages make belief play
  • Tricycle, bicycle with training wheels or ride on toys with adult supervision
  • Educational toys
  • Soccer and basketballs


  • Sharp-edged objects
  • Toys made with lead-based paint
  • Electrical & remote-control toys without adult supervision
  • Anything too strategic
  • Other obviously hazardous toys

Always consult with a qualified medical professional or childcare expert when taking important decisions regarding your child and their health.

Understand your child’s growth and development at 4 Years and 5 Years.

Also read The Principles of Good Parenting.

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