Our Favorite Parenting Tweets of the Week - Feb 3

03 February, 2019 | DD Staff
  • Our Favorite Parenting Tweets of the Week - Feb 3

Here's a roundup of our favorite, hilarious, parenting tweets of the week!

1. Lifetime Membership

2. Brace Yourself

3. Master of Puppets

4. Going Picking

5. Reality Check

6. Catching Up With Ketchup

7. Night At The Opera

8. Bitcoin Shitcoin

9. First Impressions

10. Spa Day

11. A Tall Brewed With An Extra Shot

12. Sous Chef

13. Marvel Presents: SpiderDad

14. Animal Farm

15. Are We There Yet???

16. Mayb E-bay?

17. Pablo Picasso



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