Our Favorite Parenting Tweets of the Week - Feb 19

19 February, 2019 | DD Staff
  • Our Favorite Parenting Tweets of the Week - Feb 19

Here's a roundup of our favorite, hilarious, parenting tweets of the week!

1. Mamma Dilemma

2. Obladi Obla-Dadda

3. And Time... 

4. Pimp My Ride Yo!

5. Life of Pi

6. Presidential Breakfast

7. Investment Strategy

8. Brainstorm

9. Food Critic

10. Counting Stars

11. There's No Tolkien To This One

12. Red Monster Coffee Bull

13. Mr. Blue Sky

14. Personal Trainer


Be Kind
I will admit that I don’t always fulfill my aspirations to be kind.
Where do Dads go for Mental Health advice?
We need to start addressing this silent epidemic of paternal depression.
Have Fun
My Grandmother’s last act in her very long career as a nurse was carrying me out of the hospital.
A Little Perspective
I was 10 years old the first time my Boy Scout troop visited the battlefield at Gettysburg.