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Life Lessons from a Play Couch

Is roughhousing with your kids a good thing?
01 April, 2021 | Deborah Brooks Lamb and Sperry Bilyea
  • Life Lessons from a Play Couch

Play couches increase active play and imagination but are they generating even more benefits than parents are aware of? The answer is yes! The benefits of play have been well documented: everything from improved brain function, to stress relief, and improved social skills. But with play couches, we know kids are engaging in rough-and-tumble play in addition to imaginative play. This is creating even more tangible benefits.

We hear from moms and dads that they love the play couch because they can roughhouse with their kids on a soft surface. This is where the benefits of play multiple. Rough-and-tumble play has concrete benefits* over just regular play.

Benefits of Rough-and-Tumble Play:

  1. Improved social skills

  2. Emotional regulation

  3. Reduced injuries through learning limits

  4. Learning how to get along with others

With these added benefits, parents should engage in rough-and-tumble play frequently. 

We hear from parents all the time saying how much they love our couches. We hear dads are getting more involved with lots of rough-and-tumble play. This makes us happy at My Puffin! Bring it on! 


Read more about Roughhousing with your kids in this blog 




Emily Freeman, Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Newcastle. 

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In nature, Puffins form long-term bonds and relationships – the same can be said for My Puffin Co-Founders Deborah and Sperry. Deb and Sperry are lifelong entrepreneurs who met through a Toronto based mom’s group (shout out to MumNet Toronto!) and quickly became close friends. Through this time, they worked to juggle the same challenges that all families face of balancing work and family time. The success of play couches caught our attention, and it was our desire to create a Canadian based product for Canadian families. Having gone through the same “fun” of entertaining our children for hours on end while trying to create some limits on screen time - we saw My Puffin as a wonderful way to help. You can purchase a My Puffin here:

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