Kids Won't Sleep? 3 Things You Can Try Now

22 January, 2020 | DD Contributor
  • Kids Won't Sleep? 3 Things You Can Try Now

If your kids fight sleep, then you need to do something about it sooner rather than later. Lack of sleep can leave kids with a short attention spans, messed up appetites, and other issues. They certainly won’t be living up to their full potential. Below, you’ll find 3 things you can try now to help if you’re at a loss:

Get A Sleep Nanny

A sleep nanny is somebody who works closely with you for as long as it takes to get your kids into a good sleep routine. Sooner the better.

Cut Back Screen Time

Screen time can be one major reason your kids don’t sleep. If you let them use the iPad, TV, and phones through the day, they will struggle to switch off at night. Cutting right back on this can be a big help.

Bath Before Bed

A bath before bed, especially using relaxing essential oils and soothing music can help your kids wind down. The warm water can create the perfect mood for sleep.

As well as the above 3 suggestions, you can use the infographic below to find some suggestions on other things to do to help your kids drop off faster and stay asleep. If you’re consistent, your kids should be getting to sleep in no time at all.


credit to Regis College

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