Hosting An At-Home Birthday Party For Your Child

04 June, 2020 | DD Contributor
  • Hosting An At-Home Birthday Party For Your Child

Most parents around the world have spent an interesting last few months. You’ve probably been in a lockdown situation, meaning you’re stuck at home with your kids every day. This has many pros and cons, but one of the most frustrating is that your child is unable to see their friends. Even as rules are lifted, it’ll be some time before they’re allowed to probably play with their pals again.

Things are made worse if your child has a birthday coming up. Kids love birthday parties, but how can they have one if most places are shut and you can’t congregate in groups? Well, the only option is to host an at-home birthday party that makes your child forget about all their worries! You want to put on a spectacle - make it a birthday they remember forever, even if they can’t have all their friends with them. Here are a few suggestions to really make this birthday party special:

Rent a jumping castle

What child doesn’t love jumping castles? They’re so much fun, and everyone can enjoy them. No matter how old you are, you never lose the urge to jump around on an inflatable castle! So, look for jumping castle rental services to get one installed in your garden. You can rent it for the day and have all the entertainment for the at-home birthday party sorted.

Make their favorite food

This day has to be all about your child. So, for one day only, give them complete control over the food menu. Ask them what they’d like to eat, then make it for them. Be warned, you may end up having to get takeout food. Most kid’s favorite food is McDonald’s, or something similar. If their favorite restaurants are open for takeout, feel free to get it delivered to you. Otherwise, get cooking!

Set up some party games

The jumping castle isn’t the only form of entertainment this day needs. Alongside it, set up plenty of party games for kids to enjoy. This can include classics like pin the tail on the donkey, bobbing for apples, etc. There are loads of different games you can play to really make your child happy. The whole idea is that you keep them busy so they don’t think about the fact that none of their friends can be with them.

Make them the center of attention

Finally, devote all of your attention to your child on this special day. Again, they don’t have friends with them, so you have to take on this role. Will that mean you spend hours playing make-believe games and running around your house? Of course! That’s your duty, and you’ll probably love it. Make your child feel special and do whatever they want. Most parents don’t have time to play with their kids these days. As such, this gives you an opportunity to show them that you love playing with them when you have the time.

Keep all of this in mind, and you will host the perfect at-home birthday party for your child. It’s a difficult time for kids, but you can make an effort to ensure their birthday is one to remember.


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Hosting An At-Home Birthday Party For Your Child
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