Hope In A Time of Crisis

13 July, 2020 | Terrilyn S. Alexander
  • Hope In A Time of Crisis

Hello, my name is Terrilyn S. Alexander, I am an Independent Business Owner.

As you are aware, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, people are being laid off by the thousands and businesses are shuttering their windows and doors. People are desperately looking for ways to replace their income that has been unexpectedly depleted. As a result, all over America, people are losing their jobs. They cannot pay their mortgages, buy food, clothing nor get other basic necessities that they so desperately need to survive.

It is a very uncertain and scary time for us all. We must pull together for humanity's sake and help one another in whatever way we can. No longer can we commute by bus, plane or train, without the worry of contracting the C-virus. And sadly enough, our elderly relatives and friends can only be seen through glass windows.

Our children's education has come to a screeching halt, transformed from what it used to be. Graduations, weddings, and other events have been postponed or canceled indefinitely! We have even been asked to limit the most sacred of all events-Funerals to a 10-people or less gathering!

Our hospitals are overloaded with the sick and panicked who have nowhere else to turn. Although panic and drastic measures are warranted, we must find a way to come together to help give each other hope and a positive outlook in this dire and uncertain time. We must not only check on our elderly neighbors but also our disabled neighbors as well.

My plan as an entrepreneur is not only to check on my elderly and disabled neighbors but to reach out through social media as well as other avenues to expose as many people as possible to our very simple business model. "Every time someone turns on a light, cooks a hot meal or makes a phone call we get paid."

Imagine that! It is a very simple concept that anyone can learn and duplicate. I am currently working with two very successful business owners who have been in this business for 24 years and have been featured in Success magazine 11 times. And they have a global organization of 100,000 customers. They are committed to taking the time to show people like myself and others how reach their dreams and goals.

About The author

Terrilyn S. Alexander is a wife, mother, and author, who resides in Illinois with her husband, a retired fire lieutenant, a certified nutritionist, and their three youngest children. In her spare time, she also sings. She is also a substitute teacher and is currently pursuing her MA in secondary education in social science. Today, she continues to work on her manuscripts for her children’s books, she and her husband are dedicated and focused on the ultimate success of their children’s education, as well as championing the empowerment of reading for all children.

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