Fun ways to improve your hand-eye coordination with your kids

15 September, 2020 | DD Contributor
  • Fun ways to improve your hand-eye coordination with your kids

Hand-eye coordination is an important motor skill for kids to develop as they grow up. However, it’s also something that we adults can benefit from, especially if it’s not something that we incorporate into our daily lives.

Thankfully, there are plenty of fun ways for you and your kids to improve your hand-eye coordination together. It comes with numerous benefits to improve the overall function of your hands and it helps you improve at certain tasks such as cooking and sports. It can also assist with your overall health and wellbeing.

Building blocks

Whether it’s simple wooden stacking blocks or a Lego set, building blocks are a fun way for younger kids to improve their hand-eye coordination. It’s also something that parents can join in with. While it won’t do much for your own hand-eye coordination, you can encourage your child to build new things and it can be a surprisingly fun and therapeutic activity. We don’t recommend small building blocks for children that are young since there’s always a risk of the blocks becoming a choking hazard.

Playing sports

Sports is a great way to improve your physical health while also training your hand-eye coordination. It’s a fun way to spend time with children that love sports and it can also encourage them to get more physically active. You can play sports in your garden or you can consider going out to a local park and inviting a few of their friends or family members.

Playing video games

Video games might be seen as a waste of time, but as a form of entertainment, it’s one of the best ways to improve your hand-eye coordination. There are lots of multiplayer games that you can enjoy with your children and there are some that can even train your brain and improve your critical thinking skills. When used correctly, modern video games can be a fantastic way to train your hand-eye coordination and develop lots of useful skills.

Remote-controlled vehicles

Whether it’s RC sailboats or cars, these can be a lot of fun and a brilliant hobby to pick up. You can find plenty of information on dedicated websites such as that showcase some of the best-value RC sailboats and cars, and can give you some important information regarding how to use them safely. It’s a fantastic way to improve hand-eye coordination and you can generally have a lot of fun with them if your child enjoys having a hobby that they can invest their time and money into.

Getting creative with art

Arts and crafts is a brilliant way to help improve hand-eye coordination. While drawing and painting are two common yet fun ways to get creative, you can also do things like papercrafts, sewing and knitting. There are plenty of different ways to get creative if you’re interested in arts and crafts. It’s an excellent way for you and your child to be expressive through a medium and can greatly improve your hand-eye coordination skills.

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