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Featured Dad: "It’s a delicate dance of structure and spontaneity."

Meet Dr. Phil Derkson, from My Starry Chart
13 July, 2021 | Phil Derkson
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Phil Derkson

Tell us about your company / your work *

Our mission at My Starry Chart is to help parents raise resilient children through education and playfulness. I am a family physician who cares greatly for all my patients and the work I truly enjoy is taking care of young families, their children and educating parents on positive ways to empower their children, resulting in building healthy habits and confidence.

Why did you start to work at your company? *

My wife and I came up with an eco-friendly chore chart and kid’s educational calendar to help families create structure and routine in a positive, educational and connected way. As parents of young children, overcoming behavioural challenges and developmental milestones is something every parent goes through. We came up with practical solutions that we wanted to share with other families. My Starry Chart solved for our 4 year old starting kindergarten as well as becoming a big brother. A lot of life changes meant he needed more responsibility.

Tell us about your family! 

My lovely wife Jayme, who’s been my partner for over 20 years (married for 9) and who has shared in so many memorable experiences, is the mother of our 2 boys, Sam and Jacob, ages 7 and 3. We also have a dog, Maybe, who was our first baby and helped teach us a lot of patience with regards to raising a young pup or child.

What was the hardest thing about becoming a dad? 

Trying to juggle both work and family life and staying present in the each of those roles.

Has being a dad impacted your career? How? 

Yes it has impacted my career, by providing real life experience and education in raising healthy, positive children in a connected family dynamic.

What's one thing you've learned from your child/ children? 

As a parent, you are constantly being tested. You’ve got to learn how to adapt and role with the punches. You can’t always be so riding. It’s a delicate dance of structure and spontaneity.

How has being a dad made you a better/ different leader? 

Being a dad has been an education is being more empathetic, a important quality in leadership.

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