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Featured Dad: "I am now able to deal with conflict better."

Meet Featured Dad Kyle Harris from Harris & Partners
28 June, 2021 | Kyle Harris
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Meet Featured Dad Kyle Harris, of Harris & Partners

Tell us about your company.

I help people who have financial difficulties and are looking to resolve them

Why did you decide to work at your company? 

It’s a family business and I am the third generation. I also really enjoy helping people and this was the way I felt I could do it best

Tell us about your family! 

I have two boys ages 3.5 and 1.5 and a dear wife. We love the outdoors. I am also very close with my two brothers and their families as well as my parents and in-laws

What was the hardest thing about becoming a dad? 

At the begining, I was very anxious about not being able to raise a child properly. It was scary to think of the responsibility I was being given.

Has being a dad impacted your career? How? 

It’s only made me want to work hard to supply for my family. It’s harder to work long hours but I think I’ve made good compromises to balance my work and family

What's one thing you've learned from your children? 

How to enjoy the little things in life

How has being a dad made you a better/ different leader? 

I feel as though I am now able to deal with conflict better. No matter the size of the conflict. I also have way more patience then I used to with people.

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