Doing the Most: Holding Yourself to an Impossible Parenting Standard

Why are we so quick to build up other parents in our heads, while internally tearing ourselves down?
15 September, 2021 | Bliss Clark
  • Doing the Most: Holding Yourself to an Impossible Parenting Standard

Could someone explain why we always think the parent beside us is doing more than we are?! When you finally have a conversation with that parent – the one you see weekly on the playground, or maybe daily taking a walk in the neighborhood, or mornings in the pre-K drop off line – why are we so quick to build them up, while internally tearing ourselves down?

“You always have your kids matching and looking so cute”

“Your kids are so polite”

“I saw on Facebook all the fun you had last weekend”

We need to stop. YOU had fun with your kids last weekend!! Remember that tent you made together and the cuddles you had in it while you told them a story?! Did you take a picture? Did you post it?! No!! Oh gosh...well it still happened. You gave your kids THE MOST! You gave your heart that memory.

That mom you see on the playground...

Her kids are all matching... but she doesn’t want you to know she is trying to control what she can because the chaos is too much to handle.

His kids are being polite - but you can’t see he just had a MAJOR blowup in the car on the way telling them he was at his limit and they are now on their best behavior.

She posted a ton about her weekend but maybe she is just trying so hard to find footing and hostess is the role she can fill.

Let’s brag about ourselves to ourselves! Let’s remind ourselves how far we’ve come, how much we have and how hard we’ve worked for it!

You are doing more than you are giving yourself credit for... but that parent beside you in the playground....THEY think YOU are doing the most.

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Born and bred Pittsburgh Mama - raising her 2 fiercely independent and magic loving Scorpio girls, with her Pittsburgh converted Prince Charming. Bliss graduated with a BA in Hospitality from Penn State in ‘09 and formally worked as a Disney Cast Member. Bliss’ traveling with kiddos tips and FOMO inducing getaways can be found on Instagram and Facebook @blissedtravel

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