Dear Future Kid - Carpe Diem!

28 July, 2019 | Siddhi & Akshay
  • Dear Future Kid - Carpe Diem!

You will be raised in a world where loathe surrounds,

Unfortunately, a place where negativity grows beyond bounds.?


Corruption is rampant, and pollution destroying the earth. 

Politics growing exponentially, human emotions have lost their worth.


We are judged by the colour of our skin, our religion, and whether we are straight or gay. 

Laws amended to gain votes, but implementation has lost its way.


They say women are treated equally, but that’s far from the truth, 

Some are still fighting for their rights; some others have lost their tooth.


Relationships have gone astray; feelings are slipped and dropped in a slump.

Everyone finds a reason to rant, understanding and patience have become a cancerous lump.


But promise me, child, you will find your way,

You will seize every moment and be healthy and aware to carry the day.


In all you do, may love be the core, 

Take life as a challenge and rock the dance floor.


You will take care of nature and respect one and all,

You will live life with dignity and never let it fall.


You will pursue what is right and bow down when you are wrong.

You will ensure the world is a better place, and to your kids, you will sing a better song! 

About The author

Siddhi & Akshay, married for one and a half year, started blogging to discuss sustainability in marriage to educate and empower other couples by writing blogs and drawing doodles. Siddhi is a graduate in Mass Media and is pursuing an MBA in Marketing, while Akshay is an Engineer, an Economist and a Lawyer. Together they share their thoughts on best practices in marriage through their Instagram page: @thathusbandstuff

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