Dear 20-Year-Old Me

15 May, 2019 | Erin De Boer
  • Dear 20-Year-Old Me

Dear 20-Year-Old Me,

It’s me! I know you probably don’t recognize me. That’s ok. We’re 32 now and rockin’ a mom bod. Not to mention, I honestly can’t remember the last time I went somewhere to get my hair trimmed that didn’t say “$5 haircuts” on the door.

But, I’m just dropping by to talk to you for a sec. That’s right. We’re still really into abrevs.

I know you’re lost. I get it. You’re looking for acceptance from everyone else. Your confidence is lower than ever, and you feel unworthy. Transitioning to a “real adult” is nothing like what you thought it would be, and depression has slowly overcome you. I know you’d never admit it, but that’s what it is. Depression.

Fitting in, staying in shape, wearing the right clothing. These all seem really important right now. But you’re just chasing an unattainable standard that is running you into the ground.

Well, guess what? Everything will work out, and I know you’re scared it won’t. But you’re smarter than you think, and you’ve made some really great decisions for us. Over the last decade, we hung onto the right people, and found some new ones along the way. They helped shape us for the better and became an incredible support system.

We still love to belt out 90s pop, and yeah, skinny jeans are still a thing. But, here’s something to look forward to, leggings make a comeback! And I’m pretty sure they’re here to stay… well, for us anyways.

But here’s the deal. We eventually settle into mom life, and we’ve got this incredible husband, and adorable little home, that we pretend to decorate like we’re Joanna Gaines (someday that will mean something to you). And we’re happy. Like, really, really happy. And we find this happiness through accepting and loving ourselves.

So, go ahead. Hang out late tonight, and sleep in tomorrow, because these years are fleeting. But, just know, you’re going to be fine. There will be bumps and turns, but you’re far stronger and braver than you even realize.

OH! And Full House is back! Aunt Becky is going to jail, but that’s a whole other story. Ok, I think that’s everything.

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Erin De Boer lives in a world of carefully calculated chaos, where three young children and Type 1 diabetes rule her life. Erin's writing has been featured on Scary Mommy, Sammiches and Psych Meds, Life of a Diabetic, and The Diabetic Journey. Follow along as she chronicles their wildly hilarious life at You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram @accidentalsupermom

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