Dads Need to Review Products Too - do it with Sampler!

Introducing the Daddy's Digest Review Program
26 July, 2021 | SAMPLER
  • Dads Need to Review Products Too - do it with Sampler!

Ordering something online, only to find out you don’t love it is the worst. That’s why we love the Daddy’s Digest Samples Program: a free sample program that enables you to try free products without having to step foot in a store or spend a cent.

No matter what your lifestyle is like, this box is a must. There are no hidden fees, shipping costs or credit cards required. Each box is curated to your interests and lifestyle so you can test out products that we think you’ll love.

Plus, each month we will add more samples so you have the chance to match with a new set of samples and offers every month!

Wondering how it works?


Step 1: Head over to the Daddy’s Digest Samples Program.

Step 2: Press Connect to create your sampling profile with our partner, Sampler.

Step 3:  Answer a few quick questions so we can match you with samples we think you’ll like.

Step 4: If you match with samples, you’ll be able to choose your favorite samples instantly and wait for your personalized box to arrive! If you don’t match, don’t worry. Your sampling profile will stay active to try again next month.

Step 5: Every month you’ll receive an invitation to answer the questions of the month in order to increase your chances of matching with samples you’ll love!

Step 6: We’ll follow up and ask you how you felt about the product. This will help us continue to personalize your sampling experience.


Be patient! We can’t guarantee samples every month as we only have limited supplies but every month you’ll be invited to answer questions to increase your chances of matching with samples. The more you tell us about yourself the more likely you are to match with samples!


Let’s get sampling!


Still curious? Check out this quick video from the folks at Sampler:

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