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Back and Shoulder Exercises for Dads Giving Piggy Back Rides

Let fitness coach Giovanni Roselli help you stay Dad Strong!
23 August, 2021 | Giovanni Roselli
  • Back and Shoulder Exercises for Dads Giving Piggy Back Rides

Fitness Coach Giovanni Roselli talks to Daddy's Digest about taking care of your body when you're spending a lot of time carrying your child around. Giving your child piggybacks a plenty? Back pain, shoulder pain relief – here we come!

About The author

Giovanni Roselli is a nationally recognized fitness coach, author, and presenter. As a man of many talents, the former WWE Superstar known as “Romeo” has also professionally acted alongside some of the world’s top actors including Tina Fey, Mickey Rourke, and James Franco. He is currently a Master Instructor for ViPR PRO and it’s parent company, Institute of Motion. Giovanni also serves as a Master Instructor for Kettlebell Athletics and CoreTex® Fitness. He has worked as a Master Trainer, content creator, and education consultant for Nike, and designed the nationally launched Equinox signature class ‘Fully Loaded‘.

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