Acquiring a Dad Publication... When You’re a Mom! 

In the last couple of weeks I have made some exciting announcements. (New CEO blog)
13 May, 2021 | Zoe Share
  • Acquiring a Dad Publication... When You’re a Mom! 

In the last couple of weeks I have made some exciting announcements. One was that I became a mom for the second time, welcoming Benjamin into the world on April 19th. The other is that I have acquired a parenting publication called Daddy's Digest (DD), and it has already been such a wonderful journey. There are many reasons it has been wonderful -  not only learning about how to acquire a publication, working with lawyers, accountants and my wonderful friend (and the Founder of DD, Vickram Agarwal) but also learning about this audience. This whole experience has felt very natural because Daddy’s Digest aligns so deeply with my personal values and the values of my other company Schmooz Media. I feel passionate and beside myself with excitement about what I want to achieve with this publication. 

So why do I feel SO excited about acquiring a parenting brand that focuses on dads...when I’m a mom? 

As a female entrepreneur and mother, I believe that it is the responsibility of many people (and not just women) to make sure that children know that they are seen, heard and loved. As a former teacher, I believe that children who have their needs met by a number of different people and perspectives leads to a more well rounded individual. As a daughter, wife, sister and friend, I feel honoured to be surrounded by emotionally available men who view me as an equal and I wish the same thing for other women. 

To some, it might seem counterintuitive to focus on men in the parenting space as this is a space dominated by women. There are a lot of amazing resources out there for parents, but let’s be real - so many of them are mom blogs! These mom resources (I’ll include a few I love in another article!) can be amazing and empowering resources and assets to not only women, but also men, grandparents, teachers and other caregivers and help to open up a narrative around family life. However, while many use mom blogs as a source of knowledge, mom resources are not created with men in mind.  I truly believe that by giving men a place and community to explore their feelings and experiences, while learning from experts and each other, we will be opening up so much opportunity for positive change.

When my husband wants to support me and learn about something I’m going through as a mom, like mastitis (a clogged milk duct when breastfeeding) or researching signs of postpartum depression (and ways to support me), he’s told me his Google Search lands him on a mom blog, which doesn’t actually speak to him. He will read this women centered blog because he wants to help find solutions that have worked for other people and he wants to keep me off Google, which often leads to me spiraling into panic. He is involved and he wants to read something catered to him. Another great example is when my husband looks for ideas of ways to help our children sleep well or come up with ideas to teach our daughter a new skill. When he searches for these things, he usually lands on a mom blog or a pinterest page run by a woman.

My husband and his friends (who are also dads) choose to be actively involved, but until I saw Daddy’s Digest, I had never found an online (or in person) space for them to go.  So many of the dad publications we see are less focused on actual parenting issues and more about memes and jokes. These other publications are amazing, fun and easy to like, but the depth that we want Daddy’s Digest to achieve aims to start or enhance the conversation, with the knowledge that by creating resources and a voice for dads, we support a more equal future. 

I am proud to work with this community who wants to do the work to change the conversation;  full of people who wants to be a dad, to support dads, who are grateful for the lessons (good or bad) they have learned from the dads or dad-figures they have had in their life. I proudly support those who are active in their child's life. I support the men who are asking questions about parenting, their feelings and their experiences to make the best life for their children...and most importantly, I stand for a future with more empowered, emotionally intelligent children. 

I cannot wait to continue exploring the world of dadhood with you all and look forward to your contributions.

About The author

Zoe Share (BA, B.Ed, MBET) is the Canadian CEO of Daddy's Digest. In partnership with Founder, Vickram Agarwal, she strives to leave an impact on the DD audience - driving change in the conversation and creating voices for all parents. Daddy's Digest operates alongside Schmooz Media, Zoe's values-based marketing agency.

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