10-year-old boy asks Qantas for Advice on how to set up an Airline

14 March, 2019 | DD Staff
  • 10-year-old boy asks Qantas for Advice on how to set up an Airline
Alex Jacquot, right, and his fellow airline executives meet at school in Sydney.

Meet 10-year-old Australian, Alex Jacquot.

No ordinary pre-teen, Alex is an aspiring entrepreneur with BIG plans and a co-founding team. He dreams of starting his own airline, “Oceania Express”.

In an exemplary show of initiative, Alex wrote a letter to the C.E.O of Qantas Alan Joyce seeking advice, outlining where he is in the process and tips on starting his career.

The budding entrepreneur wrote: “Seeing as it is the school holidays, I have more time to work. But I don’t have anything to do (that I can think of). Do you have any ideas of what I can do?”

In a widely shared tweet, Mr. Joyce offered to meet the boy and “compare notes”.

While Mr. Joyce doesn’t normally give advice to competitors, he agreed to make an exception, “because I too was once a young boy who was so curious about flight and all its possibilities.”

“Our competitors don’t normally ask us for advice but when an airline leader reached out, we couldn’t ignore it.”

“Naturally, there was only one way to respond: CEO to CEO.”

Click to read Qantas C.E.O Alan's full response to Alex.

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