What is a dad bod?

Some sources say a dad bod is any dad’s body. Some people say that a dad bod is a man’s body that has changed (usually with a weight gain) after they have children in their lives. For the incomparable Dad Bod Apparel, they are trying to make dad bods something stronger – a dad bod is a body that moves and is active with your children.

For many, dad bods are something we joke about…

It’s like the freshman 15, in that a dad bod is a rite of passage. You gain a few pounds when you are sleep deprived with a newborn and then a few more with baby number two. Your partners body has softened and so has yours. The only way you can get through the day is by dreaming about your grill and your beer. You are only eating kid food on the run, so you don’t have time for smoothies and protein shakes anymore.

Are dad bods attractive?

Yes, there are some dads that pull off that stereotypical extra dad weight well. They look more comfortable and relaxed than they have ever looked, they are in the “zone” with their children and feel stronger when they are bigger. We have heard of women who like a bigger body on their partner so they don’t have to feel as subconscious about their body size. Or women who like feeling like they’re around someone who’s heavier, bigger than them.

Here’s what we will say. There are people of many shapes and sizes. Many of them, whether big or small, with a six pack or a beer belly, have found love and companionship. Whoever you are, if you are a caring and good person, we believe you will find someone who is into you!

When a dad does not want to be active with his children, it’s not as attractive to moms.

If you’re a dad who is struggling with body image, and it has affected your involvement with your child, that’s something you should work on. It’s not about the number on the scale (although being a healthy weight is important) as much as it is about how you are showing up in your life. As lame as it sounds, life is short. A father who plays sports or takes his child out for adventures? That’s a good look on a father. In this case, it’s not about your muscles or fat, it’s about the quality of your presence. We have heard a lot of moms say things like “when my husband is active with the kids, I love watching him. He is more attractive to me, because he’s dedicated to our family.”

So should I lose weight?

We really can’t say, as everybody has a unique medical situation and needs. However, we do recommend you talk to your doctor or trusted friends and family about your body and health so you can be there for your children as long as your body allows. As parents, we need to think about what it takes to show up for our families. We have to be thinking about the health of our entire family unit, demonstrating healthy behaviour and staying engaged and present with our children so that we can give them the best future possible.

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